Holiday Magic with adult children

We all remember wrapping gifts for a toddler who was more fascinated with the wrappers than the gift. We laughed and lovingly took the paper away for them to be able to focus on the shiny new toy.

By elementary school they are tearing open packages with passion and excitement! Us parents seem to enjoy it as much as the kids do!

Somewhere in between this age and adulthood, the interest in wrapping paper goes from fascination to “Who cares?” As the parent you get sick of the lack of appreciation for your hard work and resort to throwing the majority of their items in a gift bag.

For creative Moms who actually fantasize the moment someone notices their double sided tape technique on a perfectly folded corner; Christmas morning with teens or adult kids can be a real bummer.

If you don’t care that they don’t care then this post is not for you but if you still yearn for the magic in their eyes; read on my friends!

I decided this year that I didn’t want to give up. I still want to hang on to whatever “wow” my kids have left in them. I brainstormed a ton of ideas but ended up going with one that married my love of photography with my love for them.

My oldest daughter is 25 and my youngest is 23. My oldest daughter has been dating the same young man since their late teens so he is like a son to me and part of our family! I took a screenshot of their favorite photos of themselves on social media and converted them to black and white photos.

(my oldest is on the left and my baby girl is in the middle.)

Then I used the app to order 3 8x10s of each one because i knew they each had 3 gift bundles from me.

I then went to Target and grabbed a few chic black gift boxes, black and white stripped ribbon and 4 rolls of black wrapping paper with gold foil stars all over the paper.

The gift wrapping turned out better than I had hoped. They will get to laugh about how absolutely “extra” I was this year but I bet they will never forget it. Not to mention, I guarantee that no one will have to hold up a present and say “Mom, who is this for?”

try this idea and let me know how it goes! I bet younger children would get a kick out of it as well!

enjoy the holidays my vintage friends and don’t forget to check out our vintage shop on etsy for great holiday gifts!


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