Vintage African Style!

Here in St. Louis Missouri we host an African Arts Festival every year during Memorial Day weekend under the Worlds Fair Pavilion at Forest Park!

According to the festivals website – this year’s theme was “Honoring our Past – Educating and Empowering our Future!”

It’s a huge event and my family has been attending since the first festival 28 years ago!

As always the free three day event was full of vendors with beautiful African garments, food, entertainment, wares and jewelry but our most favorite part of the event is getting to dress up!

African clothing is regal and glorious! See this stunning photo of beautiful African women from

This lovely vintage photo below is courtesy of the Smithsonian’s Pinterest page.

African Festivals are great ways to celebrate African culture and play around with cultural vintage styles! I often mix my African prints with vintage hats and head wraps!

Please enjoy my personal photos from the last few festivals and let me know about some of your favorite cultural events in your town!

For more information on the St. Louis festival or to become a vendor next year stop by their website

and as always stop by our vintage shop fancydollhouse on


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