Vintage hair day off

When I’m taking photos for the shop I usually have a vintage hairstyle. I tend to favor the 1950s with a more polished controlled style so when I want to relax, I favor a more understated look than the ones shown below!

When I went looking for tutorials on waves and casual hairstyles they were for long or short hair with hardly anything in between. A family member shared a trick using a hair tie to roll the hair around but I tried it and found it worked better on longer hair which I don’t have. So I took the process of wrapping hair around a scarf or tie and added a twist to make it work better for medium hair length like mine!

Please know that while they make hair noodles that emulate this, the noodles have hard plastic inside making them hard to sleep in. The plastic in rollers is also uncomfortable which is why I found this method to work best for me overnight! I was totally comfortable!

Try it out for yourself!

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