Re-purposing our favorite vintage item!

As a vintage shop owner I loved shopping for old suitcases in hopes that others would want to enjoy them as well, however selling them quickly became a challenge because of the weight!

Old suitcases are heavy and most people do not want to pay the high shipping costs! We totally understand but it didn’t stop us from buying new cases and keeping them.

Our latest re-purposing idea for vintage suitcases is utilizing them for overnight guests!


Step 1.

We cleaned the suitcase with Mr Clean magic erasers and they got rid of all of the years of dust and dirt just fine!

Step 2.

Finding amazing items to stock our vintage suitcase was a breeze with the selection from our local Marshall’s and of course everything was discounted!

We found that when you have guests over, they don’t feel comfortable rummaging through your cabinets late at night when they get the munchies, so having snacks at hand is super thoughtful!

Having fresh towels, washcloths, loofas and soaps in your guest room alleviates them having to hunt and search for these items as well.

Step 3.

It’s a very “normal” thing for guests to sacrifice their own comfort as to not disturb the home owners, even if you are family.

Many people will sleep in a hot/cold room and say nothing because they do not want to be a “bother.” Having a fan for when the room gets warm and an extra throw for chilly nights ensures that your guests will always be comfortable! We found the cutest pineapple throw at Marshall’s while shopping for the other items!

Historians claim that the pineapple is a symbol of royal privilege and that the Indigenous Americans placed a pineapple outside of their hut when receiving visitors.

Step 4.

Let your guests know that they can toss the linens in a laundry basket when they leave but that the rest of the items in the case are theirs to keep!

Re-purposing old suitcases is a great idea to keep them out of landfills and add vintage touches to your home! Try it out the next time you have guests over!

Happy vintage hunting my friends and as always check out our shop on for great vintage and antique finds!

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