Traveling Tea party DIY

Here at fancydollhouse we have a great idea for party planners, birthday party hosts, event planners, Girl Scout troop leaders and anyone teaching ettiequte and manners to young ladies or gentlemen!

STEP 1 – Select vintage cups and saucers that are sturdy! Delicate bone china is stunning but does not travel well. In addition you want your guests/students to be comfortable and focused on the fun not on the possibility of breaking your pretty pieces!

STEP 2 – Purchase an under bed cloth storage container with zipper! This is where you will store your table ware and supplies so select one that accommodates how many you wish to serve in your set.

STEP 3 – Hand wash your cups and saucers in warm soapy water and lay on a flat surface to dry. Even pieces that say “dishwasher safe” are safer when washed by hand.

STEP 4 – Carefully place paper towels or cloth napkins in between each cup and stack no more than 4/5 inside of each other then slide them into a quart size bag. Most cups can fit 2 rows of 4/5 in each bag. Slide paper towels in between saucers and stack and bag them as well.

STEP 5 – Wrap a large Silver-plated tea/coffee pot in bubble wrap. While silver plated pots are hot to the touch when filled with hot liquids, if the goal is to keep hot water longer because you don’t have quick back and forth access to a stove top, silver-plated pots work best. At your event; Instruct your guests not to touch without an adult and show them how to wrap the handle in a cloth. If you are dealing with very small children remove any and all pots from the table where they are sitting or serve cold iced tea from the same pitcher.

STEP 6 – Place candy, nuts and small fruits in bags so that you can set them on the table during your event. Place them on any extra saucers you have laying around; they don’t have to match your cups and saucers! Place sugar cubes or crystals in a small glass of crystal bowl with a small spoon. Don’t forget the tea!

STEP 7 – Pack multiple table cloths and linens do that you can transform your table to something really special! Don’t forget to include real napkins so that your guests can lay one on their laps and gently dab their mouths while drinking and munching.

STEP 8 – Ensure that your packed items are separated by linens, napkins, paper towels, tissue paper or bubble wrap so that nothing breaks in transit!

STEP 9 – Print out some etiquette tips based on the age of your audience! For smaller children you can highlight chewing with mouths closed and keeping elbows off the table. For adult gatherings search for more detailed etiquette tips or even trivia about the reasons behind familiar dinner time customs.

STEP 10 – Zip up your traveling tea party, lay it on your backseat or in your trunk where it’s unlikely to slide around. YOU ARE READY TO GO!

Let us know if you try this DIY and check out our shop for all of your vintage needs and wants


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