It’s cold and we’re all bored!

We are in the throes of winter here in Missouri. It’s cold and gray and the hobbies many of us enjoy in the warmer months like gardening and outdoor sporting events are less possible with this icy chill.

Here are some ideas for fun things to try when it’s cold outside!

1. Garden indoors – Try something healthy and delicious by growing your own sprouts in mason jars right on the kitchen counter! Sprouts have great nutritional value and are great in soups, salads and sandwiches. It only takes 3 or so days to harvest and you can get recipes and instructions on YouTube! It’s really cool watching things grow right before your eyes!

2. Read a good book – While there are those individuals who read one book after the other with no breaks, most of us have to squeeze time into our schedule just to get through one chapter. Set a book on the nightstand or somewhere else that you know you will spend a lot of time. Books are a great escape and you can even select one that takes place on a tropical island to forget all about winter.

3. Grab a canvas and some acrylic paints and create a masterpiece! Painting is one of the most fun and stress reducing hobbies you can have! There is no right or wrong way and you can paint whatever interests you! Once you are done string a wire along the back, give it a few sweeping sprays of an acrylic paint sealer and hang it on your wall.

Stay warm out there!!!!!!

The books featured can all be found on

All paint supplies can be purchased at your local Michaels craft store

The acrylic paintings featured can be found on the fancydollhouse shop

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