Fall on the table!

It’s time to decorate for fall you say?

What if I don’t want to remove my lovely vase of flowers in exchange for a cornucopia?

Fall table decor does not have to overwhelm.

No one is asking you to mimic the festive fever of a second grade classroom bulletin board!

(unless you are into that)

Let’s explore the more subtle options for fall centerpiece ideas. First up; this lovely pile of leaves! Sounds simple because it is! The pile adds color, texture and is low enough to see your guests lovely faces!

This extra wide ginger jar with striking blue and white design makes the table pop and adds an unexpected color for the season!

Add orange foliage and now you have really jazzed it up!

Another idea we often miss is the option to use non traditional items for centerpieces! This adorable silver-plated tiered stand full of faux grapes really gives your table a warm touch of autumn.

Never underestimate the simple elegance of a coordinating teapot right in the center of your table!

For something truly fun and celebratory; add small pumpkins and jumbo acorns on plates and saucers to let your family know that it is time for hot cider and pumpkin bread around the crackling campfire.

My favorite fall centerpiece this year is a tall glass vase full of willows! Grand without being heavy!

Thanks for reading!

The tableware featured in this blog are Wedgwood Ashford Gray cups and saucers available in the fancydollhouse shop on Etsy


What are your favorite centerpiece ideas for fall?

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