Contain yourself!

Let’s face it, plastic bins and old gift boxes are great storage ideas for Holiday decorations and old baby clothes but they are ……….. ugly.

No one wants to be surrounded by boxes and bins everyday. This is why most people put things that are not in use in basements and attics. If you live in an apartment you either minimize clutter using bookshelves and under bed storage or utilize the small padlocked area designated by the apartment complex.

Those of us who are into crafts or those of us who dress with accessories like scarves and hats need access to our goodies without packing them in bins or boxes that we can’t access easily every day!

Here are some fun and fancy ways to utilize thrifted and inexpensive craft store storage ideas to have organized access to everything without looking like you are in the middle of a move!

Vintage hat boxes are adorable and can be stacked to get the most of vertical space!

I don’t sew or create with fabric every day but when I do get the urge, I don’t want to have to dig through giant bins! I keep small amounts of my favorite fabrics on a thrifted wicker basket in the corner of my room! Baskets are great because they can be incorporated as decoration!

For years I had floral fabric sewing boxes but unless you are definitely going with a shabby chic or farm house theme; these huge “country style” containers can throw off your entire look! We found these storage boxes from Michaels and filled them with sewing supplies, crocheting supplies, wedding keepsakes and old photos! They stay neatly stacked at the foot of my desk.

My love for vintage suitcases has no bounds! We recently found this little gem and it was in bad shape so we cleaned it up and utilized it for all of our painting supplies!

The inside was stained and smelled quite “aged” but my tubes of acrylic paint and brushes didn’t seem to mind. When I pack up my paint for the day I close the case and tuck it by my favorite chair! Chic storage perfection!

Check out

For fine collectibles and vintage wares to make your house a home!

Comment and let us know your favorite storage ideas!

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