From cluttered office to shabby chic 1960s retreat

While your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all have very specific purposes, a spare room can sometimes go through a ton of different uses for quite a few reasons.

Sometimes we need to “find ourselves” and discover what it is we like, what we are passionate about and what makes us happy. The same logic applies to home decorating. Sure; some of us are style experts who always seem to put the right combination of things together but the majority of us take a while before we get these “extra” spaces in our homes the right identity or feeling.

When I got married and moved in with my husband, his closet was full so my clothing was kept in a spare bedroom that I also used to house my desk and craft supplies.

I had yarn for crocheting, materials for making earrings, fabric, computer equipment and clothes, clothes and more clothes. I realized that I would often feel anxious in there because there was a bit too much going on. Not to mention I only wore 20% of the clothing I had hanging up and even less of the costume jewelry on my peg board.

Now at this same time my personal style was changing a great deal. I was moving from the minimalistic mom look to a more fun vintage mom look. I realized that my little closet/office needed to change with me!

It took very few pieces for the look I was wanting and I didn’t even paint for this particular transformation.

Adding vintage suitcases, vintage chairs, vintage lamps, vintage blankets and old hat boxes that I had been thrifting over time gave me just what I needed.

A few things I had a hard time finding were curtains, pillows and rugs in the right shade of pink. I ended up having to buy those new. Target had the perfect pair of shabby chic pink drapes with matching color pillow and the perfect pink shag rug was purchased at a vendor from this year’s African Art festival in St. Louis Missouri!

Last but not least I found a great jewelry armoire and used a primer based spray paint from Target to give it an adorable new life.

I packed up the items I did not use every day but did not want to part with just yet and donated all of the clothing that didn’t fit or I didn’t like anymore. I arranged and re-arranged everything until I felt like the room was giving me a giant hug!

I hope you like it. I sure do. ❤️

Check out the Etsy shop for fun vintage finds to re-decorate or add to any room in your home.


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