Fake food anyone?

So my best friend and owner of Etsy shop “Staceyshutch” were discussing how horrible it is for our diets to have to keep sweets around to use in our china displays!

We decided we would try our hand at making a few fake treats! I decided to try cake pops!

I purchased dome small styrofoam balls from Michaels craft store and some shishkabob sticks and cut the sticks in half with scissors. 

I mixed a few cups of flour and water and used a paintbrush to cover the styrofoam balls.

I let the balls dry for a few hours and helping it along with a hairdryer.

After the balls were dry, I painted them in different acrylic paint colors.

Once I had two or three coats of paint on the balls (let them fully dry in between each coat) I sprinkled them with tiny sugar dots.

Once they were completely dry I sprayed them all over with Krylon matte finish spray! 

The next morning I had awesome fake cake pops to use when displaying china and tableware in my Etsy shop! 

How do you think they turned out? Have you ever made fake food? 

Thanks for reading and always check out the fancy dollhouse shop on Etsy for all things vintage!


Happy vintage hunting my friends ❤️

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