Someone is counting on your kindness. 

Written by Renee Rochelle

I wanted to share my top three favorite ways to help those in need over the holiday season and beyond!

1. Give money to organizations aimed at ending the cycle of poverty and mass incarceration and those who rescue & assist victims of war and oppression. 
Below is a list of some of the most amazing organizations and they are amazing because they have extremely low overhead and give the bulk of what they collect to those people they are fighting for! Some of these organizations give more than 80% of what they collect and that is astounding and commendable! Click on the links to read about them and hopefully join me in making a small donation this holiday season.

The sentencing project


Families against mandatory minimums

Amnesty International 

The international Rescue Committee

Heifer International

I’m so passionate about this one that I donate monthly! They are changing lives and helping whole communities grow to be self sustaining again! 

This brings us to my second favorite way to help others! 

2. Give money to actual homeless shelters in your area! 

Have you ever been truly desperate and in need? Have you ever been homeless on a holiday with children at your side? Well unless you had family close you had to rely on the nearest homeless shelter! Many of us have been here before. It’s a frightening and helpless feeling especially if you have kids in your care.

Over the past few years I have selected a few homeless shelters to give money to but this year I’m taking it a step further. I’m going to be dropping off some bags of clean gently used clothing and a ton of toys for kids who show up with their parents around the holidays! I am even taking a few bags of diapers and wipes and some baby quilts I made this past summer.

I am asking you to please join me if you can. Please call the homeless hotline in your area. Ask what shelters have open doors for families and children and take them a few clothing items and toys this holiday season.

The shelter I picked is the same one I picked the last three years Holy Angels in East St. Louis Illinois. Before I only gave money but I’m going to do money and goods this year!

Last but definitely not least; my third favorite way to help someone out! 

3. When you see someone on the street, give them a bag of items that I affectionately refer to as a “care pack”

When I am at a stoplight and see someone asking for money I give a few dollars and one of these zip lock bags with deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, warm socks, sanitizer, fresh wipes, small bottle of water, soft granola bars and sanitary supplies. I get everything including the bag from Walmart
Please consider some of these ideas and organizations this holiday season! 
Love you all.

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