Hold on to your teacups!


Written by Renee Rochelle

Like most vintage lovers, I have purchased mismatched cups and saucers on impulse or just because I fell in love with a pattern and didn’t care that the other piece in the duo was unavailable! Before I knew it I had a pile of cups and saucers that I couldn’t sell as a set but couldn’t bear to part with. 

Here are some fun ways to give those old cups and saucers new life! 

1. Take old candles, fragrant melting wax and heat up in a pot! 

After it’s all melted, pour it into a teacup and drop a cut wick from the melted candle into the cup tied to a string. 

After it cools you have a fragrant candle made from recycled china, wax and wicks! 

2. Tea light holders – drop a tea light into an empty tea cup and set on side table or mantle for a warm fall glow!

3. Loose change cup – when you have a small space a small cup or saucer fits perfectly on nightstand or on a laundry room shelf! 

4. Trying to get better with portion control at snack time? Use tea cups for your favorite yummy treats! 

Try these ideas out on some of your mismatch pieces and give them a whole new life! 

Happy vintage hunting my friends! 


For beautiful vintage cups and saucers and more check out these two shops on Etsy.com



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