Save the jeans. Save the Planet. 

Written by Renee Rochelle

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average individual discards 70 pounds of clothing a year, generating 14.3 million pounds of textile waste.  These textiles decompose and create very toxic gases that are released into our atmosphere!
While there are many long-term solutions to combat this issue, the immediate thing that every individual can do is STOP throwing away our clothing!

  1. Donate the clothing to a homeless shelter – they always need clothes!
  2. Donate the clothing to a local organization that specializes in re-selling donated or discounted used items. For example, here in St. Louis where I live, we have a company called ReTrnd which specializes in keeping textiles and other materials out of landfills and will either sell them or provide the materials to local universities to be used by their fashion design students.

At fancydollhouse on etsy, the designers specialize in taking discarded items and up-cycing them into cool new pieces like fabric earrings made of blue jeans.



Another great idea from the shop is how we have been turning jeans into cross body bags by sewing them into a square pocket then attach a discarded necktie for the strap!


If you search the web and places like pinterest you will find a million more ideas on what you can make with discarded items and you will find places that will take your clothing so they don’t end up in a landfill.  Always research the organization you want to donate to and if their solution is to dump items they don’t sell into landfills, keep looking until you find one that wont!

Save the Jeans and save the earth!

Talk to you later my vintage friends!

all designs shown created by fancydollhouse

to learn more about ReTrnd, go to

to search for more ideas for things to make with discarded jeans, ties and other textiles, visit www.

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