Roses are red and china is blue…and white! 

Written by Renee Rochelle

If you are sick of the blue and white craze in decorating right now, look away!

Cool blues and the combination of royal blue and white has been “in style” for hundreds of years and now it is more popular than ever.

Walk into any home decorating store and you will see aisles of it. Log on to Pinterest and there is no less than thousands of boards featuring ginger jars and related interior design tips using the colors of blue and white.

We love it and we want shades of it all over the house if we can get away with it!

My first encounter with blue and white was when I began collecting Wedgwood Jasperware. Its chalky blue texture and raised details in powdery white finish just pulled me right in. I went from having only a few plates to countless bowls, cups and pots. After I had collected enough Jasperware to make my buffet burst at the seams I then fell in love with Wedgwood Countryside pattern which was a royal blue design on a white background. Ah, the blue and white, so cool, so stately, so rich!


Before the recent popularity of blue and white in decor, it was reserved for those with more traditional tastes; you didn’t see very cool colors like blue on vases or pillows in contemporary design and if so, it was very understated. Look around now and you see entire walls of blue and white and ginger jars stacked all over modern entry tables!  Its fabulous!  Blue and white has even crept out of the housewares department and dabbled its feet in fashion accessories!  The shop fancydollhouse on even features fabric earrings with a blue and white, ginger jar theme.


The reason behind the staying power of this color combination is simple.  They look great together; cool blues is sophisticated and white is crisp and clean and the possible patterns and arrangements are endless!

stop by fancydollhouse shop or staceyshutch on etsy to shop for blue and white everything!

happy vintage shopping my friends!


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